Wasted front cover.jpg

Things are not going well …

You're a career musician, realizing correctly that you're aging out of the life you blindly pursued for so long. You had a good run. Record deal, sold out shows, traveling the country in a bus with 6 other lowlifes, tons of interesting, memorable sex with women who treated you like an object. You liked it, a little too much. But that has all come to a screeching, tragic halt. Your raging maniac of a fiancee is dead, crushed into hamburger by the collapsing World Trade Center. Your best friend in the world, the guy you sucker punched the day you quit the band, is similarly deceased. And your dead girlfriend, God bless her twisted black heart, has left you with a little mystery to unravel. With nothing left to do with your crappy life, you take the bait. You go upstate to her birthplace, deep into Washington Irving country, to find out.

"Wasted: A Story of Love Gone Toxic" is by Biff Thuringer, a man who has lived a few lives, including New York-based Mercury recording artist and Hudson Valley-based investigative reporter. He knows both territories, intimately. So could the story, half of which is set in a fictitious Hudson Valley locale, really be about actual people, places, crimes and events? Could things beneath the celebrated region's bucolic, cultured landscape really be THAT toxic, corrupt and evil? Read it and figure it out for yourself. In honor of Amazon raising its minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour (lucky drones!), Epigraph Publishing in partnership with Chronic Books is giving Mr. Bezos and company first crack at putting this debut novel on the bestseller list. It's on other platforms as well, on demand as a paperback and in e-book format. Buy it, read it, love it and write a nice review about how you couldn't put it down. Hard copies will be on sale in brick-and-mortar stores later.