Biff Thuringer. Novelist. Publisher. Investigative Journalist. Closet Philosopher. Songwriter. Performing Artist. Breeder. Reluctant Altruist. Recovering Misogynist. Heading off extinction … one screed, one song, one hit piece, one exceptional spawn, one deserving soul at a time.


For information on who Biff Thuringer is, and/or what the hell a “Biffogram” is, curious or interested parties should peruse the ABOUT section of this website. Otherwise, anyone wishing to plumb the murky depths of the soul of Biff Thuringer probably would do well to begin by reading his first novel, “Wasted: A Story of Love Gone Toxic”.

Wasted front cover.jpg

While not exactly a roman à clef, the book is loaded with thinly disguised people, places, events, denouements and emotional cul-de-sacs from Thuringer’s actual life.