This jazz tune, which I'm dedicating to my recently deceased sister Lynn, was percolating full-blown in my head for almost 40 years. She died of a brain-wasting disease called CJD, which is basically Mad Cow. I had never played the song live or recorded it and was trying to get it done on GarageBand with the Korg M1 but the old dog's limited sound bank wasn't cutting it. Then my 84-year-old mom showed up with Lynn's Yamaha keyboard, saying it's mine. While not particularly road-worthy, it happens to be loaded with jazzerific sound patches that are ok if you're careful not to overplay. I was able to knock the song out in a day, frustration over. Ironically, it's called "Peace of Mind," and pretty much fits lyrically and thematically with Lynn's strange, bittersweet story. Enjoy.